The Circular Classroom

Although the Circular Classroom web site says it is aimed at upper secondary high school educators and students to integrate circular thinking into the classroom, many of the resources here can easily be re-purposed for adult education.

Resources in the site are divided into two – for educators and for students.

For educators they say: “The topic of the circular economy is perfectly suited to phenomenon-based learning as it bridges many different core knowledge areas.”

There are three downloadable workbooks, each linked on one of three modules:

Moving from the linear to the circular economy

What is the difference in the linear and circular economies, and how does it affect us all? What kinds of actions can we take to help design a future that works better for us all? What potential for solving complex problems does a circular future hold?

Systems and sustainability

How does nature work, and what is sustainability all about? How do systems in nature work? What does ‘biodegradable’ mean, and what are biocycles? How can individual actions help reduce our ecological footprints? What type of collective changes can we make to help achieve sustainability? What types of circular economy changes can we apply to our personal lives?

Design and creativity

What is design and how does design affect us all? Why do humans design the world to work for the status quo? What is the difference between a professional and a citizen designer? How are systems at play all around us? How can we use creativity to create a better future?

Each module is also supported by a wide range of maetrails including videos and links. For exmaple for module 1 the following videos are provided:

How humans impact the Earth ›

Although the Circular Classroom activities are related to the Finnish curriculum, there should be no problem in find materials suitable for adults in a wide range of different areas related to the circular economy.


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