Waste Warriors

Lets face it –  a lot of the work in developing the Circular Economy can seem pretty dull stuff. Things like better waste management or recycling industrial materials.

But there is nothing dull about the idea of the Waste Warriors. Waste Warriors are the creation of the Too good to Go project. Too Good to Go aims to recycle god food which is usually thrown away because people order too much or restaurants prepare more food than they sell and so on. Too Good to Go estimate that in the UK Each year, over 10 million tonnes of food is thrown away, which is they say the weight of 190 Titanics! (I wouldn’t know the weight of one Titanic myself). This waste is estimated to be worth £17 billion a year which amounts to £700 per family per year spent on food that ultimately just ends up in the bin.

Too Good To Go started in the UK June 2016 and so far has recruited a community of over 2,094,904 Waste Warriors  (that is the people who receive the food) from more than 2,908 partner stores across the country.

But, says Too Good to Go, “we still have a long way to go to create the impact we want and our planet needs. We’re out to create a change in culture, a movement against food waste. Our vision is a world with no waste, and we won’t stop until we achieve it!”

I am very happy to see that Warwick University Conferences has joined the scheme. Download the app, they say, to enjoy freshly prepared meals at discounted prices here on campus.

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