What’s in it for me ?

Cycle Competence Centre (CYCLECC) is the hub where educators can find training and guidance tools to help them introduce circular economy in different learning environments.

The two sections of the CYCLECC platform are:

CYCLE Competences

The Pedagogical model developed in the framework of the project is a first attempt to define a set of competences on the circular economy for adult education. After a short analysis of the main experiences of circular economy in adult education in six countries (Spain, Belgium, Italy, Poland, UK, Austria), the report defines a set of key transversal competences that make persons/citizens more central to the challenge of transition towards a circular economy. The CYCLE competence model has been developed with the aim of identifying the areas of interrelation between, on the one hand, the main definitions of circular economy and, on the other hand, the models of definition of entrepreneurial competences.

CYCLE Resources

In the CYCLE Competence Centre you will find different kinds of educational material on circular economy, from MOOCs, videos and infographics to case studies and practical activities. If you are an adult educator looking for training resources on circular economy and sustainable resource management, this is the place to be.

The Competence Centre aims to provide adult trainers with useful tools to mainstream circular economy skills and competences. Our selection of educational resources will allow you to first get acquainted with the subject yourself and then teach it to your target audience, using your own training skills to adapt and customise the content provided by the platform.

Among the educational resources you will also find dedicated case studies and examples of good practices, which will allow you to draw inspiration for your educational projects, and to get in touch with other practitioners to share your experiences.

How to find my way around

To help you finding your way around the competence centre, the open educational resources have been organised into three main categories:

If you are looking for a specific kind of resource, such as a video, or a keyword, you may even browse our virtual library using tags. Tags also include the kind of competences that a given resource can help develop or enhance, according to the competence framework developed within the CYCLE project.

Get on board

CYCLE CC has been developed by CYCLE project partnership in collaboration with external experts and trainers. It is a growing community and live platform that aims to bring together trainers and educators, interested in introducing circular economy competences in adult education programs, while providing a space for exchange of resources and materials.

Do you have any related training resources or materials that would like to exchange with our community and be published in CYCLE CC? Email us at: support [at] pontydysgu [dot] org and get on board.
Let´s make together the case for lifelong learning!