CYCLE Project and Partners

The circular economy concept is a response to the aspiration for sustainable growth in the context of the growing pressure of production and consumption on the world’s resources and environment. Making the transition to a circular economy requires a pressing need for new skills, competences and approaches. Education, initial and continuous vocational training, as well as non-vocational adult learning (or “lifelong learning”), have a critical role to play in delivering and updating relevant skills.

The Erasmus+ CYCLE project is intended to create a set of tools and resources to support adult educators contributing to the development and expansion of their professional and educational skills in the circular economy. Including these competences and skills in adult education enhances the active and more responsible citizenship and its compromise with a more sustainable community compromised with existing and future social, economic and environmental challenges. The project runs from October 2017 to September 2019.

Project partners

The project brings together partners from six countries. Dramblys social creativity lab is the project coordinator.