100 Smart Ways to Live Sustainably

This is a great resources for getting people to think about their lifestyle and the environment.

100 smart ways to live sustainably, is a website designed in Finland which visitors can use to explore 100 concrete measures for achieving more sustainable daily living. Anyone can use the tips to reduce their carbon footprint while at the same time saving money and time or improving their health.

Sitra’s lifestyle test helps people assess the environmental impacts of their lifestyles. In addition to providing information about the respondents’ carbon footprint (carbon dioxide equivalent, kgCO2e), the test uses 27 questions to generate tailored tips that can be used to save time and money and improve people’s quality of life. The tips are extracted from the 100 Smart Ways website. By January 2009 the test had been taken over 550,000 times which covers around 10% of Finland’s adult population.


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